Friday, September 30, 2011

So many pictures, so little time

It's funny how when there's a lot going on, there's no time to write (and conversely, when there's time to write, there's nothing going on!) So I'm making myself take the time to start posting some pictures of activities, finds and adventure from the past 3 weeks. First up, Country Living Fair in Columbus, Ohio. First stop was to see Teri Kelly at Thrifty Trixie (PS - Got a skirt *and* another jumper this year!)
My conclusion after about 5 minutes ... there are *so* many clever people out there in the world!
My sister and I spent about an hour pouring over the flashcards...
Yeah, that's me just hanging out with Jenni Bowlin ... even took her advice and had the fried chicken and mashed potatoes from a nearby vendor. Love her!
I love this chair designed by NASCAR-driver-turned-chair-designer Shawna Robinson (no kiddin'!) from Happy Chair (I came *this* close to buying it, but I didn't 'cause I just got a new chair in my room a few months ago. This is going to be one of those decisions I'll regret in a year when she's even more famous!)
Drool-worthy displays of ribbons...
I bought this chest of drawers for my sister for a house-warming present ...
Next up ... photos of 2 weekends of out-of-this-world estate sale shopping!

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