Wednesday, October 5, 2011

3 Sales in 3 Days!

Oh my gosh, I was in HEAVEN last weekend ... estate sale at an old house way out in the country Thursday (found a bunch of BINGO items), estate sale at a 100-year old dairy farm on Friday (that's it above) and one of my favorite outdoor once-a-month flea markets on Saturday! Got me thinking maybe it wasn't so bad my basement flooded so I had to clean out *old* old stuff 'cause now I have room for *new* old stuff.
Inside the barn. Where'd my middle go? (ah, if it were only that easy).
Holes in the barn floor were patched with pieces of old license plates! (no, I didn't pry them off the floor ... but I sure thought about it)
Bought 'em!
Got it!
This too ... it's metal edging for around a garden ... just had to have it!
Cabinet card albums, anyone? At the outdoor flea market, I passed a booth on the way out that I'd passed on the way in, but my radar had failed to go off earlier ... there was a HUGE box of these! No photos, but gorgeous with lots of potential! He wanted $1000 for the lot(gulp), so I settled for only 20 of them. Will be posting soon. (I already posted a few a la carte cabinet card pages that had fallen out of larger albums).

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  1. Trina, you lived my dream weekend, which is all the more painful since it COULD'VE been mine. I was sick, so frittered it away. That dairy barn sale sounded awesome, and I'm kicking myself. LOVE the license-plate patches and am totally stealing that idea somehow. And don't get me going on those cabinet-card albums! I looked through all of them in the box, and didn't realize they could be had for a bulk price. I ended up walking away with NONE. Kudos to you!