Monday, May 14, 2012

Back from Brimfield!

Just got back from 4 fab days in Brimfield. This sign pretty much sums it up.

There were books ... 

and flash cards (got some of these) 

and paper galore 

and cigarette cards (got 2 binders of these!) 

Found a very cool piece in the discard pile ... found out it was an old egg incubator. I had to have it. I took it apart with a screwdriver. Right there. Behind the port-o-potties. (Sometimes it's a little frightening what I'll do for a good find!)

So many pieces with little drawers and doors and cubbies!

Fabric *G*A*L*O*R*E
(had to have some of that, too) 

MUD! It rained pretty much nonstop the first 2 days I was there. See what I'll do for treasures! 

This scene is typical of what you'd see when you'd walk into a tent. I had my paperbag handy in case of hyperventilation. 


Love the way these teacups were displayed.

Last day.


  1. OMGosh - the egg incubator was in the DISCARD pile!!!??? Great score for you!!! Love the teacups, and the cigarette cards - if you have any dogs and/or horses- I'm interested! Went to Brimfield for a fabulous weekend in the mid 1970's I think it was. It looks like it is even more fabulous now!!!

  2. Oh emm G Trina...
    you are THE best treasure huntress...

    I have heard tales about Brimfield...

    Love Love Love seeing some of your fantastic pickin adventures...

    you crack me up...but I so get it :)

    wishing a lovely long weekend to you and yours!