Monday, June 4, 2012

Silver lining

Oh my golly, it's been awhile! Been so, so busy creating for a local show, then was away for the weekend. I was scheduled to fly out Friday evening, but if you live on the East Coast, you know we had horrendous storms. After sitting at the airport for 4 hours, my flight was canceled and I was rebooked for a flight the next day at noon. At first I was fuming, but then it dawned on me that by leaving later, I could attend one of my favorite really-big-and-held-only-once-a-year local church yard sales Saturday morning. So I got up extra early, and picked up a few goodies before my flight...

$1.00 for that rhinestone pin above?!?!? Pinch me!

Vintage tea caddy and enamel pot ... 10 cents each! Get outta town! (usually that's just a saying, but this time I actually did)

Just can't get enough fabric!

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