Sunday, August 10, 2014

London: Day 5

Day 5. Trip outside the city to the Cotswolds. Went to Oxford (saw the obligatory Harry Potter dining hall). Learned Lewis Carroll was inspired to write Alice in Wonderland here. Stopped for lunch in a small town and discovered they were filming a JK Rowling movie (apparently she had hoped to write something anonymously and see if it would be a success without her name attached, but the press found out) Saw little churches built in the 1300s. Then off to Blenheim Palace which has a long history, including the birthplace of Churchill. I've never encountered something like this...the size of it was beyond what I could imagine. And the furnishings and tapestries...jaw-dropping. A duke and his family still live here (in fact they own the entire village). I asked and was told the Downton Abbey house is a fraction of this place.
Oxford University

The Harry Potter dining hall...much smaller in person. It was set up for dinner for non-magical students

Could live on this...

Darling houses all over the Cotswolds

Gates at Bleiheim Palace

One side of Bleinheim

So much beauty in one room

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