Thursday, August 7, 2014

London: Day 4

Began the day at The Tower of London. This year is the centennial of the start of WWI and they are placing 80,000 ceramic poppies in the moat as a memorial to lives lost. Also visited St. Paul's. The moment we got to the ticket counter, the fire alarm went off! We eventually got back in and made the 500+ step climb to the top of the dome. Crossed the Millennium Bridge (or wibbley-wobbley as it's called) to the Tate Modern for a visit before attending Julius Caesar at the Globe Theatre...a moving experience that I can't adequately express in words...
The Tower of London with the poppies installation

Loving all the signage 

St. Paul's

 Graffiti from 1732!

Millennium Bridge

Love Charlie and Lola!

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