Wednesday, June 10, 2009


My wonderful mom is here for a visit and today we went to the yarn shop (with my young son in tow). She's a wonderful knitter ... I am not. I tried years ago; I failed and have never really had the desire to try again, but I love looking at all the wonderful fibers. While at the store, my son found a pom-pom maker. When he showed it to me, the wheels immediately started turning in my head ... (ooh, these would be cute dangling from books ... ooh, I could use all kinds of fibers with different textures ... ooh, ooh, ooh!). Once we got home, I could hardly get the package open fast enough! These were easy as pie to make and fun, fun, fun! This is my new favorite I-wanna-make-something-that-doesn't-take-a-lot-of-mental-energy project!

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  1. Ok so now you are in the door and playing witht he yarn!! The hok is set !!! We will ahe you knitting in no time!!! Good work Cal!!! How is daisey girl doing??? Say hi to your Mom!!